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An option space is a collection of options. The application supports the predefined DHCP option space, vendor-specific options, and custom options:

  • Predefined options: These are option codes 0 to 124. They are allocated by the IANA and defined by IETF standards. The DHCP server knows these standard options, and they are predefined on the server. You cannot redefine these options or delete them from the DHCP option space.

  • Vendor-specific optionsYou can create additional option spaces to define vendor-specific options, which are encapsulated in option 43. When a DHCP client requests vendor-specific options, it makes a request using the list of requested vendor-specific options (option 43). 
  • Custom options: These are option codes 125 to 255. They are not defined by IETF standards and are available for private use. You can use these option codes to provide configuration or service information that none of the predefined options provide.

Note that custom options defined in the DHCP option space are included in the options section of the DHCP messages that DHCP servers and clients exchange.

To view the list of option spaces:

  1. From the Cloud Services Portal, click Manage -> IPAM/DHCP -> Option Spaces.

  2. The application displays the following information:

    • NAME: The name of the option space.
    • DESCRIPTION: Additional information about the option space.

You can also do the following in this tab:

  • Click to reorder the columns.

  • Click  -> Edit or select the check box for the respective record and click the Edit button to modify an option space.

  • Select an option space to view additional details. If you do not want to view the details in the right panel, click .

  • Enter the value that you want to search in the Search text box. The application displays the list of records matching the keyword in the text box.

  • Click to filter the objects by name and description.

  • Click  -> Move to Recycle Bin to move the object to the recycle bin. You can restore the object later or delete it permanently as required. For more information, see Recycle Bin.

You can perform the following actions:

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