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The ? command displays information about a specified CLI command. If you do not specify a command, a list of all available commands is shown.


? [command]

command A variable that you substitute with any CLI command to display a description of the function and a synopsis of its usage.


Display a list of commands

Infoblox > ?
Command Summary
?                       Display help
deleteDelete            files
dig                     Perform a DNS lookup and print the results
exit                    Exit command interpreter

help                    Display help
ping                    Send ICMP ECHO
quit                    Exit command interpreter
reboot                  Reboot device
reset                   Reset system settings
set                     Set current system settings
show                    Show current system settings
shutdown                Shutdown device 
traceroute              Route path diagnostic

ddns_add                Send DDNS update to add a record 
ddns_delete             Send DDNS update to delete a record 
rotate                  Rotate files


Display details for a single command

Infoblox > ? exit

exit, quit


Exits the command interpreter. There are no arguments to exit.

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