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You can modify the details associated with a threat protection profile. You can edit the rules when you drill down to the ruleset even though a member is associated with the profile.
To modify a threat protection profile:

  1. From the Data Management tab, select the Security tab -> Profiles tab, select the threat protection profile that you want to modify, click the Action icon  and then select Edit.
  2. The Threat Protection Profile editor contains the following tabs from which you can modify information:
    • General: All fields are automatically propagated with available information. You can modify the values in the Basic and Advanced tabs. For more information, see Adding Threat Protection Profiles.
    • Member Assignment: Add or delete members that are associated with the respective threat protection profile. Click the Add icon to associate a member with the selected profile. In the Threat Protection Member Selector dialog box, select the member you want to associate with the profile. For information, see Listing Members. To delete a member that is associated with the profile, select the checkbox next to the respective member and click the Delete icon.
    • Extensible Attributes: Add and delete extensible attributes that are associated with the template. You can also modify the values of the extensible attributes. For information, see Managing Extensible Attributes.
  3. Save the configuration.

You must publish the changes after modifying a threat protection profile. For more information about publishing changes, see Publishing Rule Updates.


By default, all ruleset versions, events per second per rule, and disable multiple DNS requests via single TCP session are inherited from the Grid unless you click Override to change the Grid settings.