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You can configure the appliance to confirm whether to delete a PTR record when its corresponding A or AAAA record is being deleted. This feature is valid only if you have configured the appliance to automatically generate a PTR record when you create an A or AAAA record. For information about adding an A or AAAA record, see Adding A Records  and Adding AAAA Records. When you delete a resource record, the appliance moves it to the Recycle Bin, if enabled. You can later restore it if needed. Note that this option is disabled by default for all new installations.
To enable this option:

  1. From the Data  Management tab, select the DNS tab, expand the Toolbar and click Grid  DNS  Properties.
  2. In the Grid  DNS  Properties, click the General tab -> Advanced tab, and complete the following:
    • Enable PTR record removal for A/AAAA records: This check box is deselected by default. When you select this check box, the appliance displays the Delete Confirmation dialog box to confirm that you want to delete a PTR record associated with the A or AAAA record that is being deleted. For information about deleting an A or AAAA record, see Modifying, Disabling, and Deleting Host and Resource Records.
  3. Save the configuration and click Restart if it appears at the top of the screen.
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