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This chapter provides general information about DNS service properties. The topics in this chapter include:

Configuring DNS Service Properties
You can configure general DNS service properties and change some default values. The DNS service is disabled by default. To enable the member to provide DNS service, you must start the DNS service. For information about how to start and stop the DNS service Starting and Stopping the DNS Service . The following sections describe the DNS service properties that you can configure:

Configuring DNS Access Control
You can add ACEs (access control entries) or use a named ACL (access control list) to determine which hosts can perform specific DNS tasks. For information about how to define a named ACL, see Defining Named ACLs. When you add ACEs or a named ACL to Grid DNS properties, the configuration overrides member and object access control for DNS zone transfers, dynamic DNS updates, DNS queries and recursive queries, blackhole lists, and AAAA filtering. For a full list of operations that support access control, see Operations that Support Access Control.
To configure DNS access control:

  1. From the Data Management tab, select the DNS tab, expand the Toolbar and click Grid DNS Properties.
  2. In the Grid DNS Properties editor, click Toggle Advanced Mode, and select one of the following tabs for specific DNS tasks:
  3. Save the configuration.

You can override the Grid settings at the member and object levels.

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