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BloxOneTM Threat Defense Cloud is an extension of the BloxOne Suite that provides visibility into infected and compromised off-premises devices, roaming users, remote sites, and branch offices. You can subscribe to Infoblox BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud and use its functionality to mitigate and control malware as well as provide unprecedented insight into your network security posture and enable timely action. BloxOne Threat Defense Cloud also offers unified policy management, reporting, and threat analytics across the entire spectrum. Using automated and high-quality threat intelligence feeds and unique behavioral analytics, it automatically stops device communications with C&Cs/botnets and prevents DNS-based data exfiltration.

The mission-critical DNS infrastructure can become a vulnerable component in your network when it is inadequately protected by traditional security solutions and consequently used as an attack surface. Compromised DNS services can result in catastrophic network and system failures. To fully protect your network in today’s cyber security threat environment, Infoblox sets a new DNS security standard by offering scalable, enterprise-grade, and integrated protection for your DNS infrastructure.