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You can now add subscribers by using DHCP server logs. This procedure involves creating Python scripts and their associated init scripts in Linux to parse to DHCP log files and send RADIUS accounting request messages to a RADIUS accounting server. For detailed installation and configuration instructions, see the NIOS SPPC Lease2RADIUS Installation and Configuration Guide.

NAT Port as IPSD (RFE-9527)

NIOS now supports CGNAT (Carrier Grade NAT). Multiple subscribers share the same public IP address. In specific NATing algorithms that use port block (known port range allocation), the IP address and the first usable port (which is a new AVP called Deterministic-NAT-Port) for the subscriber are provided in a RADIUS accounting AVP. You can select this AVP from the IP Space Discriminator drop-down list. For more information, see Scaling Using Subscriber Sites.