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  • When you use the Grid Manager to upload files, you can upload files only to the Grid Master, not to individual members of the Grid.
  • To upload files to a member, you must use an FTP client, TFTP client or HTTP client. Files uploaded by file transfer clients to any member, will be synchronized back to Grid Master.
  • The logs for file transfers using third party clients can be found in syslog.
  • You can use a third party file transfer client to upload and retrieve files:
    • If the 'anonymous' login is enabled, you can retrieve files but this 'anonymous' user can not upload files even if the "Allow uploads" option is enabled.
    • If you create a user to use with a third party transfer client, this must be an FTP user with read/write permissions in their directory.
  • You can upload a maximum of 10,000 files.
  • If uploading the a file exceeds the storage limit , the appliance of 2 GB for a single file, NIOS logs a message and does not upload the file. For information about file distribution storage, see Modifying File Distribution Storage Limits.
  • If you upload a file that has the same name and path as an existing file, the appliance NIOS automatically replaces the old file.