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This section consists of dashboards that belong to the details the dashboards of Devices (Discovery) dashboards category. For more information on operations that can be performed on reporting dashboards, see About Dashboards.

The dashboards covered in this section are as follows.

Table of Contents

Inactive IP Addresses

The Inactive IP Addresses dashboard lists inactive IP addresses that are not in use since the initial specified time, and remain so through the last discovery cycle. For example, you can use this dashboard to compare the state of all ports on devices for one month's operation versus 1 weeks' operation. The dashboard lists inactive IP addresses associated with Hosts, IPv4 and IPv6 Fixed Address objects, and IPv4 Reservation objects. Each unique IP address within each network view appears exactly once in the dashboard. You can go to the Data Management –> IPAM page to delete listed inactive IP addresses.
By default, this dashboard operates for all devices across all network views. This dashboard supports use of a single time filter. You can filter by device name or network view.
This dashboard displays the following IP address and device information in table format: