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  • Name: The name of the member.
  • HA: Indicates whether the member is an HA pair.
  • Status: The service status of the member. For a vNIOS appliance whose license is revoked but is still operating in the Grid, Grid Manager displays a license violation warning. You must immediately remove this member from the Grid.
  • IPv4 Address: The IPv4 address of the appliance, or the VIP of an HA pair.
  • IPv6 Address: The IPv6 address of the appliance, or the VIP of an HA pair.
  • Identify: This field appears only if your appliance has the unit identification button. This can be On or Off. When you identify the appliance by pressing the UID button on the appliance or through the GUI or CLI command, this field displays On. Otherwise, this is Off.
  • DHCP, DNS, TFTP, HTTP, FTP, NTP, bloxTools, Captive Portal, DNS Accelerator usage, Reporting, Discovery, Threat Protection, Cloud-API, Threat Analytics, TAXII: The status icons indicate whether these services are running properly. The DNS accelerator usage feature is only applicable to the IB-4030 appliance. For information, see Service Status.
  • Hardware Type: The hardware type of the appliance.
  • Hardware Model: The hardware model of the appliance.
  • Serial Number: The serial number of the appliance.
  • DB Utilization: The current percentage of the database in use.
  • Host Platform: The  The platform on which the appliance is running. For vNIOS virtual appliances, this displays the name of the CMP, virtual platform such as AWS, Azure, or VMware. For physical NIOS appliances, this displays Physicalappliances running on the CentOS operating system, the Host Platform column displays Red Hat.
  • Hypervisor: The hypervisor of the appliance.
  • Comment: Information about the member.


The placement of the Host Platform and Hypervisor columns may vary after a NIOS upgrade.

To turn the identification button on or off on the member, click the Hardware Identify icon from the horizontal navigation bar. Grid Manager displays a panel with the appliance name, status, and IP address. Hover your mouse over the row and click Turn On to turn the identification button on, or click Turn Off to turn it off.
To view detailed status, select a member check boxcheckbox, and then click the Detailed Status icon. Grid Manager displays the Detailed Status panel. If the selected member is an HA pair, Grid Manager displays the information in two columns, one for the active node and the other for the passive. The Detailed Status panel provides detailed information described in the following sections.
You can modify some of the data in the table. Double-click a row, and either modify the data in the field or select an item from a drop-down list. Click Save to save the changes. Note that some fields are read-only.