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After you deploy a NIOS virtual appliance on the VMware platform, you can configure it as a single or an HA Grid Master. To configure a NIOS virtual HA Grid Master, deploy two NIOS virtual appliances and define the network settings for each node. The procedure is the same as joining two physical appliances as an HA pair. You must configure a Grid Master and set up the Grid before you join Grid members. For more information about configuring HA pairs, refer to the Infoblox NIOS Administrator Guide Documentation.
To configure a NIOS virtual appliance as a Grid Master:


The setup of the HA Grid Master is complete. If the two nodes cannot join (it should not take more than a few seconds), check the IP addresses of Node 1 LAN and Node 1 HA (the Grid Master) and for Node 2 LAN and Node 2 HA (the node attempting to join the Grid Master to form the HA Pair). Ensure that the network IP address of node 2 is set to the same value as Node 2 LAN on the Grid Master.
As a method of verifying successful communication, open the console window for node 2. You should see a pair of messages as follows:
Contacting the Grid Master at
Synchronizing database with the Grid Master....
For more information about HA pair configurations, refer to the Infoblox NIOS Administrator Guide Documentation.