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The show ntp command displays a list of the peers of the NTP server, along with status information about each peer.


show ntp

This command has no arguments.


Infoblox > show ntp
      remote    refid  st t   when   poll  reach  delay  offset   jitter
*LOCAL(1)     LOCAL(1) 12 l   47     64     377   0.000  0.000    0.008
When you execute the show ntp command, the NIOS appliance displays the following information:

  • remote: The IP address of the remote peer.
  • refid: Identifies the reference clock.
  • st: The stratum of the remote peer.
  • t: The type of the peer, such as local, unicast or broadcast.
  • when: When the last packet was received.
  • poll: The polling interval, in seconds.
  • reach: The reachability register, in octal numerals.
  • delay: The current estimated delay, in seconds.
  • offset: The offset of the peer clock relative to the local clock, in milliseconds.
  • jitter: The estimated time error of the system clock.

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