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show ipv6_ospf {route | interface | database | neighbor | configuration}

Argument Description
routeDisplays the OSPF routing table, as determined by the most recent SPF calculation.
interfaceDisplays the state and configuration on all interfaces configured with OSPF.
databaseDisplays all OSPF database information.
neighborDisplays the OSPF neighbor information.
configurationDisplays the running OSPF configuration file.


Infoblox > show ipv6_ospf
OSPFv3 Routing Process (0) with Router-ID
 Running 11d03:14:41
 Number of AS scoped LSAs is 2
 Number of areas in this router is 1
    Number of Area scoped LSAs is 4
    Interface attached to this area: eth1

Infoblox > show ipv6_ospf interface
eth1 is up, type BROADCAST
 Interface ID: 11
 Internet Address:
    inet :
    inet6: 2001:db8:a22:1b0::3/64
    inet6: fe80::230:48ff:febc:9503/64
 Instance ID 0, Interface MTU 1500 (autodetect: 1500)
 MTU mismatch detection: enabled
 Area ID, Cost 1
 State BDR, Transmit Delay 1 sec, Priority 1
 Timer intervals configured:
  Hello 10, Dead 40, Retransmit 5
 Number of I/F scoped LSAs is 2
  0 Pending LSAs for LSUpdate in Time 00:00:00 [thread off]
  0 Pending LSAs for LSAck in Time 00:00:00 [thread off]
eth2 is down, type BROADCAST

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