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The show interface command displays network interface details. The information reveals how the NIOS appliance is connected to the network. It shows line rate, broadcast address, and whether packets are being dropped. This information allows you to check the status, find the MAC address of an appliance, and provides statistics on the quality of the network signal. This command also displays whether IPv6 is enabled. On the Infoblox-250, -550-A,
-1050-A, -1550-A, -1552-A, -2000, and -2000-A appliances, the appliance displays information about the LAN2 port as well. It also displays the bonded interface information when NIC bonding is enabled in the NIOS appliance.
For information about how to change your interface settings, see set interface.


show interface [name | all]

name Displays information about a specific interface. Enter one of the following: lan, lan2, ha, mgmt, or loopback.
all Displays information about all interfaces.


The following example illustrates how you can use the show interface command to view the IP address and MAC address of an appliance, and its network connection details. Note that when you manually configure the speed and duplex of an interface, the appliance communicates only the settings. When you configure the Speed/Duplex settings at 1000M/Full, auto-negotiating is required and the appliance displays Enabled (Speed/Duplex configured by user) instead of Enabled in the Negotiation field, as shown in the following example.
Statistical information is also provided on the packets received and transmitted, as well as any errors that have occurred. Lack of packet activity can be a sign of connectivity problems, dropped packages, overruns, or collisions.

Infoblox > show interface

IP Address:           MAC Address: 00:30:48:98:63:AD
Mask:                Broadcast:

MTU: 1500                         Metric:      1
IPv6 Link:          fe80::230:48ff:fe98:63ad/64
IPv6 Status:        Enabled

Negotiation: Enabled
Speed:       1000M                Duplex:Full
DSCP Value:     30


Statistics Information

packets:  24812        bytes:   11660993 (11.1 Mb)
errors:   0            dropped: 0
overruns: 0            frame:   0


packets:  23148         bytes:   11493844 (10.9 Mb)
errors:   0             dropped: 0
overruns: 0             carrier: 0

Collisions: 0             Txqueuelen: 1000


IP Address:           MAC Address: 00:30:48:98:63:AF
Mask:       Broadcast:

MTU:        1500                Metric:      1
IPv6 Link:         fe80::230:48ff:fe98:63af/64
Negotiation: Enabled

Speed: 1000M              Duplex:        Full

Statistics Information


packets:  11          bytes:   836 (836.0 b)
errors:   0           dropped: 0
overruns: 0           frame:   0


packets:  0           bytes: 0 (0.0 b)
errors:   0           dropped: 0
overruns: 0           carrier: 0
Collisions: 0         Txqueuelen: 1000

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