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The show ibtrap command displays whether SNMP traps and email notifications are enabled for the specified event category.


show ibtrap [category]

category Valid values are:
Fan, Bloxtools, Disk, Memory, CPU, MGM, HSM, Login, PowerSupply, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, NTP, DNS, DHCP, RootFS, Database,R AID, HA, MSServer, Backup, Clear, SNMP, LCD, SSH, SerialConsole, ENAT, Network, Cluster, Controld, OSPF, IFMAP, BGP, CaptivePortal, DuplicateIP, License, System, Syslog, DiscoveryConflict, ReportingVolume, DisconnectedGrid


Infoblox > show ibtrap Fan
Trap Category: Fan snmp: true
email: false

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