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Use the show enable_match_recursive_only command to view the status of the match-recursive-only option for all DNS views on a specific Grid member. For information about how to use the match-recursive-only feature, see set enable_match_recursive_only, and also refer to the Infoblox NIOS Administrator Guide.
The show enable_match_recursive_only command reports one of three possible states:

  • True: The DNS view is set to use the match-recursive-only setting to restrict and filter client access for the view.
  • False: The DNS view does not use the match-recursive-only setting.
  • Inherit: The default, where the DNS view inherits its match-recursive-only setting from the Grid.


show enable_match_recursive_only

This command has no arguments.


Infoblox > show enable_match_recursive_only
   View 'default': false
   View 'dnsview1': true
   View 'external': inherit

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