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The show dns_rrl command provides information about the Grid or member DNS RRL (Response Rate Limiting) settings. You can use the set dns_rrl command to configure the DNS RRL settings. For more information, see set dns_rrl.


show dns_rrl [member <hostname> | view <viewname> | grid]

Note: The show dns_rrl command accepts the member option only on the Grid Master.

member <hostname>The FQDN of the Grid member.
view <viewname>The name of the DNS view.
gridShow RRL settings for the Grid.


Infoblox > show dns_rrl grid
Grid RRL configuration:

  responses_per_second: 200
  window: 15 (default)
  slip: 3
  log_only: false (default)

Grid logging configuration:
  log rate-limit: true (default)

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