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The show dns_gss_tsig commands provide information about an Infoblox DNS server that is configured to receive GSS-TSIG authenticated DDNS updates from a DHCP server. You can use these commands for diagnostic purposes and to troubleshoot issues.


show dns_gss_tsig counters [crypto]| keytab

counters Displays information from the internal counters, which are non-persistent and reset to zero when services are restarted. It displays the number of TKEY (transaction key) requests the Infoblox DNS server has accepted and the number of GSS-TSIG authenticated DDNS updates received.
If you specify crypto, the display includes the number of successful and failed attempts to establish a security by context, by encryption type.
keytab Displays information about the DNS keytab files that are in use by the appliance.


Infoblox > show dns_gss_tsig keytab

Vno Type Principal
4 des-cbc-md5 DNS/ns1.local.test@TEST.LOCAL

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