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The show dns-accel-cache command enables you to view the cache for DNS Cache Acceleration. It fetches and displays new acceleration cache data. For existing files, it displays data from the previous collection, if present. This command is available for:

  • IB-FLEX only if the Flex Grid Activation license is present in the Grid.


show dns-accel-cache


Infoblox > show dns-accel-cache

Cache is empty

Infoblox > show dns-accel-cache

Warning: This operation will temporarily disable the acceleration cache to obtain the latest cached data.

The operation should take about 15 seconds to complete.

During this period, this member's DNS query performance may be significantly reduced, and changes to the member's DNS configuration will not be permitted.

Are you sure you want to proceed with this operation (y/n): y

Cache data obtained at 2018-12-14-06:22:51

Note: In case of multiple RR's, they will be printed on their own line after the first one, aligned with commas to match correct column.

Number,Query question,Query type,Query class,AAAA Filtered,Recursion,View,Original TTL,Remaining TTL,Usage count,Last accessed,RR section,Type of RR,RR name,RR TTL,RR data,MX preference,RCode,Debug<1>,Debug<2>,PCP word




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