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The show cpu command displays the processor and memory statistics for the NIOS appliance. This command tells you how busy the appliance is and indicates if an appliance is not performing properly.


show cpu

This command has no arguments.


The following example provides information on:

  • swpd: Amount of virtual memory (swap space) used
  • free: Amount of available memory
  • idle: Amount of idle memory
  • buff: Amount of memory used as buffers (I/O)
  • cache: Amount of memory used as cache (kernel used memory)
  • swap

    • si: Amount of memory paged in (per/sec) from swap or the file system

    • so: Amount of memory swapped out
  • io: Disk input/output
    • bi: Blocks (4K each) received from a block appliance
    • bo: Blocks sent to a block appliance
  • system

    • in: Number of hardware interrupts per second—measures how busy the CPU is
    • cs: Number of context switches per second—measures how busy the CPU is
  • cpu: Measures (%) of CPU used in each of these areas—the total equals 100%
    • us: Percentage of CPU used running the Infoblox product and other non-kernel processes
    • sy: Percentage of CPU used running kernel processes
    • id: Percentage of CPU that is currently idle
    • wa: Percentage of CPU spent waiting for disk I/O

Note: If the combined io (bi and bo) and cpu wa values are high, it is a sign that the system is overloaded.

Infoblox > showcpu
---------memory------------------- -swap-- --io--- --system- -----cpu-------

swpd   free    idle   buff   cache  si  so bi bo in cs us sy id wa st
0      984024  15432  51932  916660 0   0  0  42 61 94 3  2  95 0  0

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