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The show connections command shows the active Internet connections for the NIOS appliance. Use this command to investigate connectivity issues or processes that may have stopped running.


show connections

This command has no arguments.


The following example provides information on:

  • Proto: Active protocol, TCP or UDP
  • Recev-Q: Packets received
  • Send-Q: Packets sent
  • LocalAddress: Host name and type of connection
  • ForeignAddress: IP address of the system connected to the appliance
  • State: State of the connection

Infoblox > show connections

Active Internet connections (servers and established)
Proto Recv-Q Send-Q Local Address Foreign Address State
tcp 0    0    localhost:kdm*:*LISTEN
tcp 0    0    localhost:cluster-disk*:*LISTEN
tcp 0    0    localhost:localdo:domain*:*LISTEN
tcp 0    0    localhost:domain*:*LISTEN
tcp 0    0    localhost:rndc*:*LISTEN
tcp 0    0    infoblox:localdom:https*:*LISTEN
tcp 0    0    localhost:https*:*LISTEN
tcp 0    0    infobloxlocaldom:https10.1.1.1:arbotext-lm ESTABLISHED

Enter <return> to continue with More lines or enter q<return> to go back to the command line.

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