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The show clusterd_info command displays clusterd run-time information.


show clusterd_info

This command has no arguments.


Infoblox > show check_auth_ns

Waiting 5 sec while clusterd is creating dump file...
g_am_master_vnode: true (configured as a master node)
g_clusterd_max_nodes: 350
g_active_GM_openvpn_serv_cnt (actual count of OpenVPN servers to run): 1
g_first_join_attempt: false
g_using_conn_config_file (using conn info sent by grid master): false
g_delay_master_run (postpone starting master): false
g_dirty_shutdown: false
g_running_one (are the ONE services running?): true
g_is_real_unit (true for real HW): true
g_power_down_if (power-down unused interfaces): true
g_is_vnios (true for vNIOS): false
g_udp_vrrp (true for Platforms that use UDP based VRRP): false
g_am_active_master (am I the current grid master?): true
g_am_master_vnode (am I part of grid master vnode?): true
g_was_master: true
g_ha_enabled (is HA enabled?): false
g_active (am I the active node in an HA pair?): true
g_vpn_server_setup (is the VPN server setting up): false
g_directing_upgrade (are we directing the upgrade of the grid?): false
g_reverted (a flag indicating that the member just reverted): false
g_need_grid_upgrade_state_update: false
g_upgrade_lite (lite upgrade in progress): false
g_partner_upgrade_mode: UPGRADE_NONE
g_db_locked_for_snapshot: false
g_rollback_failed (meaningul only if g_db_locked_for_snapshot is set): false
g_removing (am I being removed?): false
g_start_proxyd (should proxyd be running?): false
g_partial_replication_disabled (last known state): false
g_am_logging_member: false
g_failover_syncing: false
g_tftp_limit (grid-wide tftp storage limit, in MB): 500
g_subgrid_cnt (number of subgrids): 0
g_using_external_time_servers (is using external NTP time servers): false

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