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The show capacity command displays database capacity limits for your NIOS appliance. This allows you to see the object counts and types on a member. This command is useful to see the amount of data is assigned to a member and how that relates to the member's specified capacity.


show capacity

This command has no arguments.


Infoblox > show capacity
Hardware Type = IB-2000
Database Capacity = 1200000 "objects"
Objects Present = 112466 (9 percent used)
Count   Area        Type
16638   dns         bind_a
15000   dns         bind_cname
 1000   dns         bind_mx
19392   dns         bind_ns
15501   dns         bind_ptr
  836   dns         bind_soa
  500   dns         bulk_host
 5000   dns         dhcp_host
  385   dns         dhcp_member
  322   dns         dhcp_range
 1538   dns         fixed_address
 5000   dns         host
 5000   dns         host_address
 5000   dns         host_alias
  265   dns         network
  263   dns         shared_network_item
  500   dns         srg_zone_linking
  840   dns         zone

18018   dns         zone_cluster_secondary_server
  537   dns         zone_ext_secondary_server
  208   Grid        product_license
Note: Counts per object type not displayed unless at least 100 of that type exist.

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