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If you have configured Infoblox Subscriber Services, you can use the set subscriber_secure_data delete command to delete a specific subscriber record from the subscriber cache. For information about Infoblox Subscriber Services, see Infoblox Subscriber Services.


set subscriber_secure_data delete <ip_addr> <prefix> <local_id> <ip_space_desc>

<ip_addr>Specify the IPv4 or IPv6 address of the subscriber.
<prefix>Specify the prefix length.
<local_id>Local ID present in the incoming EDNS0 packet.
<ip space desc>The IP space discriminator. To indicate a record without an IP space discriminator, enter N/A.


Infoblox > set subscriber_secure_data delete 32 AABBCC112233 corp1|LID:aabbcc112233|IPS:corp1|FLG:|ACS:Acct-Session-Id=32de327aced215ab;SUB:IMSI=301030100000026;LID:AABBCC112233;NAS:NAS-PORT=168496141;PCP:Parental-Control-Policy=20001;EXP:Expire-Profile=Mon May 29 10\\:23\\:56 2017;DCP:Dynamic-Category-Policy=0;SSP:Subscriber-Secure-Policy=5F;|Thu Dec 20 10:53:41 2018

Record successfully deleted

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