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The set phonehome command enables a Grid Master or an independent appliance to email reports monthly and after each upgrade to Infoblox Technical Support and other specified recipients.
The reports provide status and event information about the Grid or independent appliance and its services. The report is an XML document that includes the following information:

  • The phone home feature version.
  • The report type, such as periodic and test.
  • The time of the report.
  • The Infoblox Support ID that was assigned to the account.
  • Information about the Grid, such as its NIOS version, name, VIP, Grid Master hostname, LAN IP, and the number of Grid members and appliances in the Grid.
  • The upgrade history of the Grid.
  • Information about each Grid member, such as the hostname, IP address, status, role (such as standalone, master), and if the member is an HA pair. If the member is a peer in a DHCP failover association, the report also includes the DHCP failover status.
  • Hardware information, such as the hardware type, serial number, HA status, and uptime.
  • Information about the interfaces, such as the interface name and IP addresses.
  • Resource usage information, such as CPU and system temperature, and CPU, database, disk, and memory usage.


set phonehome {on | off}

Argument Description
onEnables the appliance to send status and event reports to specified recipients.
offDisables the function to send reports.


Turning on the phone home feature

Infoblox > set phonehome on

Turning off the phone home feature

Infoblox > set phonehome off

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