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The set mld_version_1 command sets the IPv6 MLD (Multicast Listener Discovery) protocol to version 1, as described in RFC 2710, Multicast Listener Discovery for IPv6. MLD enables the appliance to detect multicast listeners on its directly attached links and discover which multicast addresses are of interest.
The appliance runs MLD version 2, as described in RFC 3810, Multicast Listener Discovery Version 2 for IPv6, by default. MLD version 2 is interoperable with version 1.


set mld_version_1

This command has no arguments.


Infoblox > set mld_version_1
Current MLD version: 2
Set Multicast Listener Discovery Version 1? (y or n): y New MLD Settings:
Use MLD version 1: Yes
Is this correct? (y or n): y MLD version: 1 is saved to database. MLD version is set for IPv6.

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