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The set license command installs a license upon entering a valid license string. You must send an email request to Infoblox to receive a unique license string for your NIOS appliance. Copy the string directly from the email, and then use CTRL + V to insert it after the CLI command prompt. Use the show license command to view the license settings. This command is used to install both static (per member) and Grid-wide licenses.

Note: You can install a temporary 60-day license that allows your system to be fully functional while waiting to receive your permanent license. For more information, see set temp_license.


set license

This command has no arguments.


Infoblox > set license
Enter license string: EQAAAAKS4n90WFGNUSirwvyUT9/z
Install license? (y or n): y
Infoblox > set license
Enter license string: HQAAALsakOzDKirMdaUsG2Yfk/j0BkhoFjhVfEtu36dJ
Install license? (y or n): y

License (grid-wide) is installed.

The UI needs to be restarted in order to reflect this license change.

Restart UI now, this will log out all UI users? (y or n):y

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