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The set ibtrap command allows you to specify whether the appliance sends SNMP notifications (traps) and email notifications to the configured trap receivers and email recipients for the specified event category.


set ibtrap [category] snmp [true|false] email [true|false]

categoryThe event category that triggers the trap and/or email notification. Valid values are: Fan, Bloxtools, Disk, Memory, CPU, MGM, HSM, Login, PowerSupply, FTP, TFTP, HTTP, NTP, DNS, DHCP, RootFS, Database, RAID, HA, MSServer, Backup, Clear, SNMP, LCD, SSH, SerialConsole, ENAT, Network, Cluster, Controld,OSPF,OSPF6, IFMAP, BGP, CaptivePortal, DuplicateIP, License, System, Syslog, DiscoveryConflict, Reporting, FDUsage, OCSPResponders, DisconnectedGrid, LBDevice, LDAPServers, RIRSWIP
true | false
Specify true to send SNMP traps. Otherwise, specify false.
true | false
Specify true to send email notifications. Otherwise, specify false.


Infoblox > set ibtrap FTP snmp true email true

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