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set enable_match_recursive_only <true|false|inherit> [dns_view]

<true|false|inherit> Set the enable_match_recursive_only setting to true, false, or inherit. The default value is inherit. The true setting enables the match-recursive-only option for the specified DNS view on the specific member; false disables it for the specified DNS view on the specific member. Inherit represents the setting for the DNS view (true or false) that is populated across all members serving that DNS view. By specifying true or false, you override the inherit setting for the specific member. Specifying inherit restores the inherited setting for the specific member.
dns_view Optional parameter to specify the DNS view. If this parameter is omitted, the setting affects only the default DNS view. If the specific Grid member does not serve the default DNS view, you will receive an error message by omitting this parameter.


Infoblox > set enable_match_recursive_only true (affects default DNS view only if default DNS view is served by member)
Infoblox > set enable_match_recursive_only true external
Infoblox > set enable_match_recursive_only false corp100sales
Infoblox > set enable_match_recursive_only inherit external

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