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Use the set dscp command to configure the DSCP value, which determines the PHBs (per-hope behaviors) on DiffServ compliant nodes and enables priorities of services to be assigned to network traffic. When you set the DSCP value, the appliance implements QoS (quality of service) rules based on your configuration so you can effectively classify and manage your critical network traffic. Note that on an appliance, all outgoing IP traffic on all interfaces uses the same DSCP value. You can configure this value for the Grid. You can also override the Grid setting for individual members.
DSCP is supported on both IPv4 and IPv6 transports. This feature is currently supported on the following Infoblox appliances: Trinzic 2210, Trinzic 2220, and Infoblox-4010. For information about these appliances, refer to the respective installation guides.


set dscp grid [value]
set dscp member [
set dscp member inherit

valueThe DSCP value. You can enter a value from 0 to 63. The default is 0 and it represents the lowest priority.


Set the Grid DSCP value

Infoblox > set dscp grid 32

Override the Grid DSCP value for a specific member

Infoblox > set dscp member 20

Inherit the Grid DSCP value

Infoblox > set dscp member inherit

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