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Use the set disable_https_cert_regeneration command to turn on or off the automatic regeneration of a self-signed HTTPS certificate.

NIOS regenerates a certificate in the following scenarios:

  • If you change a host name and the new name does not match the name of the existing certificate. This is especially useful for wildcard certificates.
  • If the certificate is self-signed and the regeneration is enabled (it is enabled by default) , restarting NIOS or changing the host name or IP address causes NIOS to regenerate the certificate.


set disable_https_cert_regeneration [on|off]

onDisables the automatic regeneration of the self-signed HTTPS certificate. Automatic certificate regeneration is enabled by default.
offEnables the automatic regeneration of the self-signed HTTPS certificate


Infoblox > set disable_https_cert_regeneration off
HTTPS certificate regeneration enabled.
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