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You can use the set cc_mode command to set the Common Criteria mode. To enable or disable Common Criteria configuration, connect to the CLI console, and then enter the set cc_mode command. This command will restart the system when it exits the Common Criteria mode. If the system is enabled for Common Criteria, it will reboot in order to go through boot time self tests. You can use this command only on the Grid Master. The setting is propagated to all Grid members. You must restart the members after the configuration change. You can use the reset all command to clear the Common Criteria mode. For information about reset all, see reset all.

Note: Factory reset must be done before using the Common Criteria mode.


set cc_mode
This command has no arguments.


Infoblox > set cc_mode
Enable Common Criteria mode (grid-level)? (y or n): y New Common Criteria Mode Settings:
Common Criteria mode enabled: Yes is this correct? (y or n): y
Please refer to the Guidance Documentation Supplement Appendix of the
NIOS Administrator Guide for the requirements to operate a grid in a common criteria compliant manner.
The system will be rebooted to place it into common criteria mode. Are you sure you want to continue (y or n): y


Connection to closed.

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