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Use the set apache_https_cert command to select one of the previously uploaded HTTPS certificates. NIOS displays the current certificate and all the previously uploaded certificates. You must choose the certificate that you want to use. The current certificate is then replaced with the certificate that you choose.


set apache_https_cert


Infoblox > set apache_https_cert
Current apache certificate:
    Serial: 7976560e71f701e1a7ee7865fe87d5a4
    Common name:
Available certificates:
    1. Serial: 0c8af1b24b1f58bb3d0d05e159841656 , Common name:
    2. Serial: 4a73ac27c92a3f731696c1ec0874143d , Common name:
    3. Serial: 26a52734a316c30d43e30b66a6782b18 , Common name:
    4. Serial: 0720ccf94062234db372dd4c8df39dbb , Common name:
    5. Serial: 6bb99aedde38bfe1e1402aa19507a0e1 , Common name:
    6. Serial: 1dc7624dd221e1900aae0e1eec97fb59 , Common name:
    7. Serial: 7976560e71f701e1a7ee7865fe87d5a4 , Common name:

Select certificate (1-7) or q to quit: 2
Are you sure you want to do this? (y or n): y
Certificate updated

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