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The DNS service is disabled by default. After you compl ete the DNS configuration, you can start DNS service on a member. You can also disable the DNS service on any Grid member. Be aware that disabling the DNS service on a member removes the NS records from it. If you later re-enable DNS service for this member, the NS records are then restored.
To start DNS service on a member:

  1. From the Data Management tab, select the DNS tab -> Members tab -> member checkbox -> click the Edit icon.
  2. In the Member DNS Properties editor, click General -> Basic tab, and do the following:
    • LAN1: Select IPv4 to start the DNS service using IPv4 or select IPv6 to start the DNS service using IPv6. Note that for a dual mode member, IPv4 will be selected by default. 
  3. Save the configuration.
  4. Expand the Toolbar and click Start.
  5. In the Start Member DNS Service dialog box, click Yes.
    Grid Manager starts the DNS service on the selected member.

You can stop DNS service on a member by selecting the member checkbox and click Stop from the Toolbar.