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A full upgrade occurs when there are database schema changes between the existing and upgrade releases. In general, when you upgrade to a major release, you are performing a full upgrade. Depending on the upgrade and revert paths that your existing release supports, you may or may not be able to schedule a full upgrade. A full upgrade that cannot be scheduled does not allow for data replication between the Grid Master and members. For information about supported upgrade and revert paths, refer to the latest release notes on the Infoblox Support site.
Depending on the upgrade paths your current release supports, when you schedule a full upgrade, the Grid Master immediately replicates certain core network service tasks to Grid members while putting other tasks in queue until the members have been upgraded. For information about which data and tasks the Grid Master replicates to members immediately, see Guidelines for Scheduling Full Upgrades. For information about how to schedule an upgrade, see Scheduling Upgrades.

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