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When you select this option, NIOS deletes the selected threat protection profile from the database. When you delete a threat protection profile or a profile rule, the appliance puts them in the Recycle Bin, if enabled. You can restore them if necessary. Note the following about threat protection profiles:

  • When you delete a profile that contains an active ruleset, which is overridden at the profile level, you can restore the profile including the configuration if the ruleset exists on the Grid. You cannot restore the profile if the ruleset is deleted.
  • When you delete a profile that inherits ruleset from the Grid, and if the same ruleset is still active on the Grid, you can restore the profile including the configuration for profile rules. If the ruleset is deleted or if the active ruleset on the Grid has changed, the appliance restores the profile from the Grid along with the profile rule settings for the current active ruleset.

To delete a threat protection profile, from the Data Management tab, select the Security tab -> Profiles tab, select the threat protection profile that you want to delete, click the Action icon  and then select Delete. Click Yes in the confirmation dialog box to delete.

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