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You can configure an FTP, SCP, or TFTP server to which you plan to schedule the export of search results. Only superusers can configure the remote server and limited-access users cannot do so. When you upgrade to 7.3.x, make sure that you reconfigure an FTP, SCP, or TFTP server, even if you have already scheduled the export of search results.
The Set up page to configure an FTP, SCP, or TFTP server is displayed for all new installations and upgrades if you have not previously scheduled the export of search results. If you have configured any scheduled export of search results in a previous NIOS release, NIOS migrates one of the server settings to the Reporting and Analytics App. In this case, the Set up page is not displayed. However, you can still access the Set up page from the Reporting tab > Administration tab, as illustrated in Figure 40.3.
To configure an FTP, SCP, or TFTP server:

  1. From the Reporting tab -> select the Administration tab -> click Set up.
  2. To configure a remote server, complete the following:
    • Username: Enter the username of your server account.
    • Password: Enter the password of your server account.
    • Confirm Password: Enter the same password.
    • Protocol: Select FTP or SCP or TFTP from the drop-down list.
    • Host/IP Address: Enter the host IP address.
    • Host Port: Enter the port number on the selected server.
    • Destination Path: Enter the path and the file name of the export file. For example, you can enter
      /export/Infoblox_2009_10_20_15_30 on a Linux server, or c:\export\Infoblox_2009_10_20_15_30 on a Microsoft Windows server.

3. Click Save.

Figure 40.3 Setup Page to specify Server for Exporting Search Results


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