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You can download a threat protection ruleset any time when you select to manually perform ruleset updates. You can choose to download rule updates but not immediately deploy them. NIOS archives and tracks up to nine ruleset versions, allowing for switching and merging between these versions when necessary. After uploading a ruleset, you can apply it by publishing it to the Grid and individual members. For more information, see Publishing Rule Updates.
Ruleset updates do not require restart of the DNS or threat protection service in the Grid, and they do not affect ongoing services. However, the appliance deploys updated rulesets only when you publish the changes. Note that all threat protection rule update events are logged in the syslog on the Grid Master only.


By default, threat protection ruleset updates are automatic. Infoblox recommends that you retain this setting. For information about how to configure this setting, see Configuring Grid Security Properties.

To manually upload a ruleset file:

  1. Access the Infoblox KB article # 2646 by logging in to the Infoblox Support site at, and then download the ruleset file in the KB article.
  2. From the Data Management tab, select the Security tab -> Threat Protection Rules tab, and then click the Add icon.
  3. In the Rule File Upload dialog box, do the following:
    • File: Click Select to navigate to the ruleset file location, and then click Upload. Grid Manager displays the file name in this field.
    • Click Test to check the changes that will occur during the rule update, without actually applying the update. You can view the update details in the Syslog Viewer. The appliance preserves the uploaded file if you do not click Update to update the rules. When you manually upload rulesets the next time, this file will be displayed in the dialog. You can then choose to apply the update from this file or upload a new file before performing the update.
    • Click Update to update the rules.
    • Click View Update Results to view the updated rules in the Syslog Viewer. All threat protection rule updates are logged in the syslog on the Grid Master.

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