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You go to the DHCP feature under Data Management to disable discovery for a network. Disabling discovery for a network differs from discovery blackouts; disabling discovery for a network simply ensures that discovery never takes place on the chosen network.
To disable discovery for an IP network:

  1. Select a managed network from one of the following locations:
    1. Data Management –> IPAM –> list view
    2. Data Management –> DHCP –> Networks
  2. Click the Action icon  next to the network you want (this automatically selects it) and select Edit from the menu. The Network editor appears.
  3. Click the Discovery tab.
  4. Child networks inherit their discovery default settings from their parent networks. Click Override to change the Enable Discovery setting. (The Discovery Member setting remains unchanged.)
  5. Deselect the Enable Discovery check box, and then save the configuration.

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