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A superuser has RW access for all VLAN related objects.

Global permissions and object permissions are supported for VLAN views, ranges, and objects. Permissions set at specific levels override global permissions for VLAN ranges, views, and objects. For more information see About Administrative Permissions.

A user who belongs to the VLAN Admin role has the following permissions set:

Permission Type ObjectTaskPermission
VLAN PermissionsVLAN viewCreating VLAN viewsRW

Editing VLAN viewsRW

Deleting VLAN viewsRW
VLAN PermissionsVLAN rangeCreating VLAN rangesRW

Editing VLAN rangesRW

Deleting VLAN rangesRW
VLAN PermissionsVLAN objectCreating VLAN objectsRW

Editing VLAN objectsRW

Deleting VLAN objectsRW
IPAM PermissionsNetwork viewCreating network viewsRO

Editing network viewsRO

Deleting network viewsRO
IPAM PermissionsIPv4/IPv6 network

For information about VLAN management, see VLAN Management.

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