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When you encounter product issues or require assistance, you can send a request to Infoblox Technical Support by opening a support case through Grid Manager. When you submit a support case, product information such as software version and serial number is automatically collected from the NIOS appliance on which you create the support case. You should however provide detailed information about the issue or your request, business impact, and contact information to ensure that the support request is being addressed by the appropriate resources in a timely manner. When you submit a support request, Infoblox Technical Support automatically authenticates and authorizes the contact email address that you use. It sends a confirmation email to the contact email address if the email address is registered on the Infoblox Technical Support server. If the authentication fails, you will receive an email.

Complete the following to create a support case:

1. Admin: At the top right corner of the navigation bar, click the Admin name and select Open a Support Case from the drop-down menu.

    Support: From the Help panel -> click Support -> Open a Support Case.

Note: Click Go to the Editor and enable DNS Resolver or Use SMTP Relay if you have not already enabled either one of them.

2. In the Open Support Case editor, complete the following:

    • To Email Address: Enter an email address to access Infoblox Technical support. The default is If you change the default email address, the email is sent to the updated email address instead of Infoblox Technical Support. Sending the email to your own email address allows you to verify and alter the email content before you forward the email to or another email address.
    • Contact Email Address: Enter your email address or another contact email to which a confirmation is sent when the support case is created. Ensure that the contact email is legitimate and approved by Infoblox as this contact becomes the primary contact for the support case.
    • CC Email Addresses: Click the Add icon to add additional email addresses. This is optional.
    • CaseType: From the drop-down menu, select the case type:
      • Administrative Issue: Select this if the request is related to administrative issues.
      • Administrative Question: Select this if you have administrative questions.
      • Product Issue: Select this if the request is related to product issues.
      • Product Question: Select this if you have questions about Infoblox products.
    • Severity: Select how urgent or severe this request affects your business.
      • Low: Select this if the business impact is low.
      • Medium: Select this if the issue has moderate impact on your business.
      • High: Select this if this issue is urgent and requires immediate attention.
    • Subject: Enter a subject line for your support case.
    • Description: Enter a detailed description about the issue.
    • Attach a file: You can attach a file that contains additional information about your support case. Relevant information can help the Infoblox Support team to identify problems and troubleshoot issues in a more efficient manner

3. Click Send&Close to create the support case. Optionally, click Send&New to send the current request and then create a new support request.

Note: It might take up to 15 minutes before you get an email confirmation.

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