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You can choose DTC health monitors whose DTC health checks are considered when calculating the health status of a member in a pool. You can create a consolidated health monitor in a DTC pool with its own set of members for each monitor. The status of a health check can then be determined according to the consolidated health monitor you created with selected members and availability condition.

To configure DTC monitors whose health check status must be shared from selected members, perform the following steps:

  1. From the Data Management tab, select the DNS tab -> TrafficControl tab.
  2. Select the pool for which you want to configure monitors and click the Edit icon.
  3. Click the Health Monitors tab -> Advanced tab.
  4. Click the Add icon.
  5. From the Monitor drop-down list, choose the monitor whose health checks you want to be considered.
  6. From the Condition drop-down list, you can either select for all members of the pool to pass the health check for the selected monitor or for any of the pool member to pass the health check for the selected monitor. A passed health check is denoted by the green status.
  7. From the Share state from box, select the members from you want the health check to be calculated. Select the members and move them to the Selected box.
  8. Click Add.
    The monitor along with its associated members are displayed in the Consolidated Monitor Health Settings area. 
  9. Click Save & Close.

You can now view a snapshot of any member in the pool and the monitors associated with it along with their health status. To view this:

  1. Click the server for which you want to see the consolidated monitors.
  2. In the Server Visualization area, select the member for which you want to see the associated monitors.

A visualization chart is displayed that represents the pool hierarchy. You can hover over the server icons to view health status of the monitors associated with the server. For more information about health monitors, see Using DNS Traffic Control Health Monitors.

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