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The Infoblox IPAM adapter for OpenStack Neutron should be installed on the controller nodes that are running your neutron-server. The installation consists of the following steps:

  1. Configure the Infoblox Grid, as described in Configuring the Infoblox Grid.
  2. Install the adapter module on the controller nodes, as described in Installing the IPAM Driver.
  3. Run database migrations to create the Infoblox tables, as described in Creating the Infoblox Neutron Database.
  4. Modify neutron.conf and nova.conf, as described in Modifying the OpenStack Configuration.
  5. Start the Infoblox IPAM Agent, as described in Starting the Infoblox IPAM Agent.
  6. Restart the neutron-server and nova-compute services, as described in Restarting the Services.
  7. Optional: Migrate networks, subnets, and ports from OpenStack to the Infoblox Grid, as described in Creating Extensible Attribute Definitions and Network View Associations.
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