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The following features and enhancements are new for this release of NetMRI:

  • Now NetMRI uses Cisco Meraki API version 1 instead of version 0.4 for SDN/SD-WAN discovery. For more information, see Adding and Configuring Cisco Meraki Discovery.
  • SysAdmin users can change the management IP address of a device using a dedicated API call. For more information, see Changing Device Settings.
  • When deleting a system device group, NetMRI now displays a warning. For more information, see Additional Device Group Operations.
  • When using SSH or Telnet protocols for data collection, you can specify any custom SSH or Telnet ports for individual devices. For more information, see Adding and Testing CLI Credentials for a Device.
  • When connecting a Python script to NetMRI, you can now use an external .yml file with authentication credentials instead of hardcoding them into the script. For more information, see the Infoblox NetMRI API 3.8 Developer's Guide available in the "Additional Documentation" section of the NetMRI Online Help. You can also find this information in Tools icon > Network > API Documentation > Python Tutorial in the NetMRI User Interface.
  • Discovery of SDN/SD-WAN devices: you can now discover SD-WAN devices from Cisco Viptela. For more information, see Configuring Discovery for SDN and SD-WAN.
  • Support for SNMP encryption protocols aes-192C and aes-256C for Cisco devices. For more information, see SNMPv3 Credentials for Discovery and Management.

Additionally, the current release provides a number of bug fixes. For more information, refer to the Release Notes on the Infoblox Support Site.