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To view discovery status for any device, open the Device Viewer by navigating to Network Explorer > Discovery and clicking a device link, or Device Viewer > Settings & Status > Management Status. You will see the Management Status for the device. This is an important block of information that immediately describes the effectiveness of communications to the device by NetMRI.

This page provides a subset of the same information listed on the Discovery page, showing the E (Exists), P (Port Scanned), R (Reached), S (SNMP), SC (SNMP Collection), C (CLI Credential Status), CC (Config Collection), and G (Groups) data results for a single device, each with their respective explanation.

The Exists field indicates the listed device has been successfully discovered by the network. The R field stands for Reached. A device can be discovered by any method but not necessarily be reachable. Devices are typically tested for reachability through SNMP and the CLI, usually with an ICMP Ping operation. S and SC are the status indicators for SNMP Credentials and SNMP Collection, respectively.

Corresponding C (CLI Credential Status) and CC (Config Collection) indicators also show whether a device supports command-line connectivity and whether configuration collection is successful. Finally, G indicates whether NetMRI successfully assigns the device to a device group.

At times, a device may need a discovery refresh because of significant configuration changes or because it has just been installed. You can choose to run discovery against any individual device at any time.

  • Click Discover Next to set the device to be the first one discovered in the device group's next discover cycle.
  • Click Discover Now to immediately re-discover the device listed in the Device Viewer.
  • Click License to change the licensing status of the current device. The default state for device licensing is Automatic (NetMRI uses global licensing guidelines to determine whether a device should occupy a license entitlement). For switches and firewall devices, you can choose to explicitly license the device by selecting Licensed and checking the check box for either category.
  • If the device is licensed and you wish to revoke it, or override the global licensing behavior, select Unlicensed.
  • To revoke the current device's Managed status, click Unmanage. The device will be removed from managed status under NetMRI and automatically be Excluded from management. The device will continue to be discovered, however.
  • To remove the device completely from the NetMRI database, click Delete.
  • You can export the device management data to an Excel-compatible .CSV spreadsheet. To do so, click Export. NetMRI creates the file and places it in your browser's Downloads directory.
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