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In many tabs and pages, you can constrain data and graphs to a specific date and period. This is useful in many contexts that provide a lot of information, such as Network Analysis –> Issues or in Switch Port Management.

After you set the date and/or period, it is applied to all tabs and pages displaying the Select Date/Period icon. To specify a date or a time period for a data set, complete the following:

  1. Choose a Device Group on the right menu, and choose a menu item from the left side of the page.
  2. Click the Time Selector in the left end of the title bar. The calendar drop-down menu appears showing the current calendar month.
  3. In the calendar drop-down menu, choose a Period. Choices include the following:
    • Daily: Select a single date in the currently shown calendar month.
    • Weekly: Sunday to Saturday, seven day period containing the selected date.
    • Monthly: Entire calendar month containing the selected date.
    • 7-Day: Seven days ending with the selected date.
    • 30-Day: Thirty days ending with the selected date.
  4. In the gray title bar of the calendar, click the left or right selector to choose the calendar month that contains the date or time period you want.
  5. Calendar dates shown in green represent an immediately available data set to display in a NetMRI table. The most current data in any table (such as the most recent 7 days for the Daily selection) is always available by default and appears highlighted in green. Older data appears in white on the calendar but is selectable by the user. Dates in white require the user to wait while NetMRI generates the requested data as a background task. After generation, the requested date appears in green, indicating the data is instantly available by reloading the page. Any date in the past or in the future that appears in gray and cannot be selected, represents information that is unavailable to the current NetMRI system.
  6. In the calendar, click the desired date. The table will automatically refresh to display the new date.


The selected device group, date, and period appear to the right of the Time Selector icon.

Dates that appear in white in the calendar reflect locally stored data that is available but not cached for immediate viewing on the NetMRI appliance. In such cases, you will see the following message:

Data for the requested date is currently offline. Do you want to generate the data now?

Clicking Yes directs NetMRI to retrieve and display the data from the internal database. During data retrieval, the toolbar displays a progress bar indicating that a background task is taking place. Other tasks can be carried out in NetMRI while fetching data from the database.

Some data tables, such as Network Insight –> Inventory, display only in Daily increments.


The Interface Viewer uses a different Time Selector menu that provides separate Date and Period menus. Users can check the status of an individual device over time. For more information, see Using the Interface Viewer.

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