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A primary application for NetMRI is discovering the network and all its infrastructure devices.

NetMRI’s discovery features perform a crucial task, which is to locate and categorize all devices on a previously unmanaged network. By providing a high-level view of all devices in a network with which NetMRI can communicate, discovery enables managers to begin controlling a complex network topology, and drill down to individual devices to diagnose communication problems encountered during discovery.

You can define basic discovery settings during system setup (discussed in detail in Running the Setup Wizard), or manually perform discovery using a series of straightforward steps. The following section Discovery with a New NetMRI Deployment describes how to manually configure and run discovery.

If you are migrating your NetMRI platform to the current release, see Discovery with an Existing NetMRI Platform.

Running Network Discovery


Infrastructure devices are devices that form the network infrastructure. See Infrastructure Devices List for currently supported devices.