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During device discovery, NetMRI determines the Management IP address, device name, and device type and displays those values in several locations in the UI, including the Network Explorer > Discovery page and the Config Explorer (Configuration Management > Config Explorer). Once those values are discovered, should any of those values change at some point in network operation, NetMRI detects those changes and modifies the appropriate values in its database.

If the system admin changes the Name or Type of device in the Device Viewer's General Settings page (Device Viewer  > Settings & Status > General Settings), re-discovery of that device's settings will no longer be active. For more information, see Viewing and Changing General Settings for a Device.

To revert to the auto-discovery of changes to that device's identifying information in the network, you can delete the device from the Discovered Devices list in the Network Explorer > Discovery tab. The device is removed from the table. You will need to wait for NetMRI to re-discover the device on the network and then refresh or re-open the Network Explorer > Discovery tab to view the updated information. Click the device group name in the right panel if you need to locate the updated device in its expected group.


For more information about Device Viewer functions, see Inspecting Devices in the Network and its subsections.