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When a device is discovered by more than one collector, NetMRI deduplicates the device to prevent unnecessary load on the device as well as data conflicts. Initially, the collector that first discovered the device is set as the temporary management collector. Next, NetMRI selects the permanent management collector for the device.

If a device is discovered through different network views and different IP addresses, it is not deduplicated. If a device is discovered through different IP addresses but through one network view, it is deduplicated.

Deduplicated devices are marked with the following icons next to their IP address:

IconTooltip MessageDescription

This device has duplicates on other collectors.Two or more collectors, including the current one, discovered the device, i.e. the device has "duplicates" on multiple collectors. The current collector is set as the management collector for the device. The other collectors do not poll the device anymore to avoid unnecessary load.

This device is managed by another collector.The current collector discovered the device along with other collectors. Another collector, not the current one, was assigned as the managing one. The device shows “Unlicensed” in the License Status column as the current collector does not manage it.

For more information, see Algorithm for Assigning Management Collector.

The management collector is assigned to a device using the algorithm only once. However, you can change the management collector manually in the Device Viewer. To open the Device Viewer, click the IP address of the device. The Management Status page of the Device Viewer opens, showing the current device status on the management collector. For more information, see Manually Changing Management Collector.


If in discovery settings, you delete a range containing a device that has a "duplicate" on another collector, the device becomes licensed again on the other collector.

For devices that did not undergo deduplication, load balancing is automatically performed between collectors. NetMRI determines the less loaded collector in terms of devices and "moves" extra devices from other collectors to this collector. For information, see Deduplication and Load Balancing Settings.


Despite the device deduplication functionality, Infoblox recommends defining your discovery settings in a way that collectors scan networks by discovery ranges that do not overlap nor are duplicates.