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For each network view, NetMRI requires connections to each network that you discover, manage and control. Scan Interfaces are the ports on NetMRI appliances and virtual appliances that perform this function. Physical scan interfaces are actual Ethernet ports.

The following are two types of scan interfaces:

  • Physical scan ports: An entire Ethernet interface in the appliance discovers and manages a network.
  • Virtual scan interfaces: These use 802.1Q VLAN tagging between NetMRI and the connecting device, to exchange traffic for multiple networks across a single physical interface. To use virtual scan interfaces, connect one of NetMRI's physical scan interfaces to a device interface configured to route the desired networks with 802.1Q VLAN tags.

You can configure scan interfaces in Settings icon > Setup > Scan InterfacesScan Interfaces settings page lists all device interfaces that may be used by the appliance. Depending on the hardware and system type, the page displays one or more interfaces named MGMT and/or LANn (where n is the physical port number). If your system is an Operations Center, the collector name is shown alongside the interfaces. If any virtual scan interfaces are defined, they have names like LAN2.111.

If your network uses several domain name suffixes, you may want to derive device names from their FQDNs. You can do so by adding multiple search domains in a scan interface configuration. You can add up to 10 search domains.

For more information on configuring physical and virtual scan interfaces, see the following pages:

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